Cardiovascular Fitness Testing: APG and HRV Test Now Available at TLC

We are very happy to announce that our Accelerated Photophlethysmography (APG) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Machine by MEDCORE is now available, and in full swing at the clinic. The APG and HRV Test is a 5-minute non invasive, painless screening for overall cardiovascular health and STRESS (including stress status, stress resilience and autonomic nervous … More Cardiovascular Fitness Testing: APG and HRV Test Now Available at TLC

My Chelation Story: An Educator’s Health Journey

CHELATION THERAPY: Healing in Action by R Viduya  The Scenario It all started in September 21, 2016 when the Coronary Angiography Report revealed that I have a SEVERE THREE VESSEL CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE. The procedure was done to confirm initial findings with my ECG and 2D Echo, thus my cardiologist concluded I have a condition … More My Chelation Story: An Educator’s Health Journey

My Chelation Story: A Chelation Doctor’s Testimonial

Hi. My name is Dr. Glorybelle Molano, addressed by most of my patients as “Doktora Belle”.  I have been practicing medicine for 15 years and has since concentrated on Integrative Medicine for the last decade.  I am the Lead Physician at The Longevity Center Chelation and Wellness Clinic, Inc.   This is my own chelation story. … More My Chelation Story: A Chelation Doctor’s Testimonial

How Cancer Spreads

Cancer cells may be lurking in our bodies, and just waiting for the perfect set of conditions (poor immune function, poor oxygenation, poor nutrition, multiple co-morbidities) to manifest itself. According to the American Cancer Society, every person has a 41% probability to either develop or die from cancer. Oh no! One basic fact to consider … More How Cancer Spreads

What is Oxidative Therapy?

Most biochemical reactions in the body are ‘Balanced’ through ‘Redox’ mechanisms. Redox means (Red)uction (Ox)idation. The body uses oxidation as its first line of defense against bacteria, virus, yeast and parasites. Even breathing oxygen is an oxidative process. Without oxidation we die very quickly. Without OXYGEN for more than a few seconds, serious consequences follow. … More What is Oxidative Therapy?

High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy

High-dose Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger supporting cellular and vascular health. It is essential for the formation and maintenance of intercellular ground substance and collagen, which are important for better skin and joint health. Vitamin C has been reported to promote nitric oxide activity and  to help maintain healthy platelet function. It supports the body’s … More High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy