Doctor’s Corner: The Emerging Colors of Integrative Medicine

I am writing this post because I was surprised that a pharmaceutical representative from a major local pharma company came to visit me yesterday. For the regular doctor, pharma rep visits are part of their days.  In fact they are usually given an allocated time to give their less than a minute spiel to the … More Doctor’s Corner: The Emerging Colors of Integrative Medicine


My Chelation Story: An Educator’s Health Journey

CHELATION THERAPY: Healing in Action by R Viduya  The Scenario It all started in September 21, 2016 when the Coronary Angiography Report revealed that I have a SEVERE THREE VESSEL CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE. The procedure was done to confirm initial findings with my ECG and 2D Echo, thus my cardiologist concluded I have a condition … More My Chelation Story: An Educator’s Health Journey

My Chelation Story: A Chelation Doctor’s Testimonial

Hi. My name is Dr. Glorybelle Molano, addressed by most of my patients as “Doktora Belle”.  I have been practicing medicine for 15 years and has since concentrated on Integrative Medicine for the last decade.  I am the Lead Physician at The Longevity Center Chelation and Wellness Clinic, Inc.   This is my own chelation story. … More My Chelation Story: A Chelation Doctor’s Testimonial

8th Anniversary Promo: 25% Off on Chelation Therapy for New Patients

Avail of our first ever Online Promotion!! To celebrate our 8th year as The Longevity Center, we are welcoming NEW clients and patients with a this special offer. Please share to friends and family. For more info, please call or text: 4117391/3731163/ 09258411088. #thelongevitycenter #TLCLucky8th #chelationtherapy #integrativemedicinephilippines 

Oxygen Healing Therapies

Patients receiving IV Hydrogen Peroxide or Oxidative Therapy would report an immediate effect with an infusion including increased alertness, improved energy and sense of well being. “Gumanda ang pakiramdam ko,” is a usual feedback, especially if the patient came in with a flu, usually with a lethargic feeling. Improved oxygenation in this case is the … More Oxygen Healing Therapies

Bad, Bad Cells

Nice colors? Not. And bad. These are breast cancer cells. Bad cancer cells. Studies have shown that at plasma concentrations of above 1000 umol/L, Vitamin C is toxic to some cancer cells but not to normal cells in vivo. Intravenous Vitamin C given at higher doses of 50-100 grams may produce plasma concentrations of 14000 umol/L. … More Bad, Bad Cells

How Cancer Spreads

Cancer cells may be lurking in our bodies, and just waiting for the perfect set of conditions (poor immune function, poor oxygenation, poor nutrition, multiple co-morbidities) to manifest itself. According to the American Cancer Society, every person has a 41% probability to either develop or die from cancer. Oh no! One basic fact to consider … More How Cancer Spreads

New Health Challenges

There are some new health challenges that are coming into the forefront. Our exposure to toxic metals is almost unavoidable, and at times deemed necessary for procedures to be done. There is an expanding use of injectable MRI diagnostic imaging contrast agents, such as gadalinium, iron (Feridex) and manganese (Telascan). Gadolinium use has been linked … More New Health Challenges