Cardiovascular Fitness Testing: APG and HRV Test Now Available at TLC

We are very happy to announce that our Accelerated Photophlethysmography (APG) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Machine by MEDCORE is now available, and in full swing at the clinic.

The APG and HRV Test is a 5-minute non invasive, painless screening for overall cardiovascular health and STRESS (including stress status, stress resilience and autonomic nervous system balance).  The Accelerated Photophlethysmography (APG) technology is used to assess arterial aging in relation to hemodynamics.  And the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) technology gives us a snapshot of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which is responsible for the body to maintain homeostasis.


The technology was actually offered to us when a colleague from an Integrative Medicine Center in the South became privy to the fact that IV EDTA Chelation Therapy is our primary therapy.  As a diagnostic tool as well as a monitoring instrument for progress and effects of treatments,  the APG test will show gradual changes in hemoperfusion and arterial elasticity that can assist the doctors, as well as the patient in making adjustments in diet, lifestyle and therapies.

“Our EDTA Chelation Therapy primarily works on the circulatory system, IMG-0263especially the arteries.  Majority of our patients at TLC are those with vascular related conditions, specifically coronary artery disease (CAD).  This test, on top of the mainstream diagnostics like ECG, 2D echocardiography and Treadmill Stress Test, will aid our patients in appreciating their vascular health status, and the effects of their therapy.” – Dr. Molano, Lead Physician, TLC

The 5-minute test will give the patient a 2 page print out.  Standard guidelines in interpretation of the test is based the European Task Force of Cardiology and the North American Pacing And Electrophysiology.  It is the World’s 1st Asian Reference for Stress Scoring and is FDA approved in Korea, Japan, CE of Europe, USA, China and the Philippines.  Doctors at TLC were trained by the distributor company in interpretation of the test.  It takes around another 5 minutes for the interpretation and discussion and may be incorporated with the consultation and therapy of the patient.

Aside from patients with chronic disease, who also need this test?

  • top management workers managers, business owners and executives –  work related stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia
  • Customer Service/ BPO agents – night shifts, sleep deprivation, poor lifestyle
  • Students – school stress, peer pressure, lack of sleep, depression
  • Runners and Athletes – physical stress, how to balance stress and recovery
  • Senior Adults – aging stress, depression, loneliness
  • Mothers – physical exhaustion, mental stress
  • or just about every adult to establish a BASELINE of their cardiovascular fitness and Autonomic Nervous System function.
One of our regular clients being assisted by our TLC nurse to prepare for the test. 

To inquire or book an appointment for an APG and HRV Test, you may call our landlines (632) 83731163/34117391 or text 09258411088.  You may also have a consultation first with our doctors if an APG and HRV Test is necessary or warranted.

As a reminder,  no coffee, no heavy meal (at least 2 hours prior), no smoking or alcohol before the test.  Fingernails must also be without nail polish.




Here are our rates:

Consultation Only:   Php 500  (with Senior or PWD discount Php 400)

APG and HRV Test:  Php 1200 (with Senior or PWD discount Php 960)

To inquire about our our Integrative Medicine therapies and other services, call or visit us or check out our facebook page: The Longevity Center Chelation and Wellness Clinic, Inc.













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