My Chelation Story: When our OFW family member get sick

The stories of our OFW, our living heroes, are endless and abound.  Stories of struggles and pain, of triumph and successes, of homesickness and longing, of love and love lost, and of health, grave diagnosis and even death in lands that are not their own.

OFWs coming into our clinic, with defeat in their eyes are not unusual.  They think of their families who may be left with an unemployable breadwinner, or worse, something bad happening to them because of their condition.  Happily, all who have done their therapies diligently have successful outcomes.  Most have gone back to resume work, and some have opted to seek fortunes in the country, to be close to family.

One recent case is that of Mr. VH, 54 year old male, an OFW in Oman.  He suffered a heart attack while in the field, and was admitted in Oman.  He was sent to the Philippines to do coronary angiogram and possibly an intervention.  But the procedures were deemed costly, his employer did not give him enough to cover expenses of the procedure and hospitalization.  He came to do chelation therapy instead upon the recommendation of a relative, who’s husband also is our patient.


Eager to complete therapy in the shortest possible time, he did daily treatments.  Close monitoring of creatinine levels was done which revealed normal results.  He made changes in his diet, and was very eager to learn more about his condition so that he knows the necessary precautions to minimize the process of atherosclerosis and blockage of his heart vessels again.  In just 20 days, he has completed 17 treatments and he has to do a few more before he leaves for Oman in a few days.

(In photo: Mr VH on his 12th day of chelation therapy.  He reported sense of well being by 7th session.)

Yes, he is recovered and eager to work again, and provide for his family.  He has no chest pains, even with exertion and has since started jogging in his neighborhood. Recent diagnostic examinations revealed great results.   His ECG is normal, and his 2-D echo with doppler showed improved and all normal parameters.  I told him that it seems like he has a 20 year old heart. 🙂  This is in comparison with his results in May 2018 when he was admitted.  His ECG then showed signs of ischemia and in his 2D Echo Ejection Fraction (EF) was 50%.  The strength of his heart increased to EF of 78%.

The following images are of his ECG and 2D Echo results (July 29, 2018).


With these results, and as his doctor (with my colleagues), I am at a good enough place to allow him to return to work.  He still has to undergo Treadmill stress test in Oman for further evaluation and he is reminded to come back for more sessions on his next trip home.

We at TLC are very hopeful for patients like Mr VH.  We hope that he continues to make good choices in his diet and lifestyle.  We hope that he makes adjustments in how he responds to stress in his life and work environment.  We hope that he continue his chelation journey whenever he is in the Philippines.  We hope for many many healthy and productive years ahead for him, and for him to enjoy the fruits of his toil and years abroad.

He willingly consented to share his results, his photo and his story.

Have a safe travel soon Sir.  See you next time. – Your Friends at TLC



Dr. Glorybelle Molano

Lead Physician

The Longevity Center






4 thoughts on “My Chelation Story: When our OFW family member get sick

  1. Does chelation treat a drug dependent (shabu)? If so how much per session and how long? I want to help my son. Thanks for your quick response.


    1. Hi. As a detoxification therapy, yes it can help in removing a lot of toxic heavy metals from the body but as main treatment for methamphetamine dependency, it is not. Thank you for your inquiry maam.


  2. Hello, good evening. A friend of mine introduced Chelation Therapy while we were had some conversation when he heard I had 2 episodes of stroke last Jan. 2018, Jan 2019. I got interested so I decided to contact you to get more info. If there’s available person I can talk to, I appreciate if you forward whom I can speak with. My number is 09451850633

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