Doctor’s Corner: Always Big at Heart

When I tell friends and family what we do at TLC, some would ask for the peculiar funny things, or the BIG people who comes in or the really special cases.  Aside from the fact that we are restricted by our rules on patient confidentiality, I for one do not tell stories of BIG people just to impress.  I would prefer to share stories about the small people— the hardworking fathers that we have all looked up to and respected, the mothers that we love, the daughters who are just like you and me, and the simple everyday person who became our patients, and eventually became a part of our TLC family through the years.

My story this time is about Mr. P.   He is a hardworking father and sole breadwinner of his family.  He works as a senior security personnel in one of the busiest malls in Manila. His first treatments were sponsored by another old time patient, who was his close friend.  It was in March 2012, when he first came in for consult and patient showed signs and symptoms of heart vessel blockage.   History revealed that he probably suffered a minor heart attack and was hospitalized.  He was initially managed as a case of Hypertension, Hypertensive Atherosclerotic Disease (HASCVD),  T/C Coronary Artery Disease R/O Heart Failure secondary to CAD.   As understood by the patient from previous consultations, “lumalaki daw po ang kanang bahagi ng puso ko Doc”.

On his first few visits to TLC,  Mr P complained of moderate difficulty of breathing, shortness of breath and occasional chest pain especially in the mornings. He looks very weak, with shallow breathing and dusky in color.  He looks sad and anxious and verbalized being very worried of his condition.  He came upon the recommendation of his friend who had the same condition as him and has since recovered.

He was advised to undergo 30 sessions of IV EDTA Chelation Therapy at recommended interval of 2-3x a week but due to financial constraints, patient was able to comply with once a week and eventually once every 2 week treatment sessions only. Nevertheless, he completed his therapy in July 2013 as well as the diagnostic testings asked of him.   He continued his medications and tried to follow the advise of his TLC doctors as well as other doctors he regularly visits.  Gradually he recovered.  His disposition improved, and his anxiety lessened. Around the 10th session, Mr P has verbalized improvement and a sense of well being as compared to his previous state.

A repeat 2D Echo in October 2014 showed a much improved heart.  The dimension of the left ventricle of his heart has returned to normal with adequate motion and contractility.  Strength of the heart has normalized and very strong at Ejection Fraction (EF) of 84% (normal already at 77%). An Electrocardiogram (ECG) in September 2015 showed within normal limits result with no trace of his previous ischemia or heart attack.

The favorable result of the 2D echo made the patient very happy, as well as his wife who accompanies him every time.  This happiness eventually trickled down to his behavior and disposition at work and in his home.  A jolly person who had a misfortune of an illness and lost his smile for awhile, patient became a bearer of laughter again, even for us whenever he comes for a follow up.

Six (6) years into his therapy, Mr P is amazed how fast time flew by and we would recollect his first few visits.  And he would mention again his friend, who had the biggest of hearts and concern for him. And yes, probably because Mr P is a good person too, with a big heart himself, his friend wanted him to find live longer and to find health again. Now both of them are doing well, with normal sized hearts but figuratively big, and always eager to share their health journey.

In the following photo are Nurses Rona and Cha with Mr P for an updated picture of him taken April 2018 after his regular monthly follow up visit.  He is now 55 years old, still active in his post. Mr P granted permission to tell his story and he is always willing to have a conversation with new patients whenever he happens to be at the Center. That is a giving and good heart. Bless you Sir Cezar. 🙂



Dr. Glorybelle Molano

Integrative Medicine

The Longevity Center



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