A Story of Hope and Healing

Mr RV is a relatively new patient.  New being less than 6 months as a patient at the Center but his belief in the treatments that he is undergoing stemmed not only from what the doctors told him or the improvements he has noted but also from a personal pursuit of more information about health and wellness.  He is the one who was very interested to share his story so that many people, who are also suffering from a medical condition like his can learn from his health journey. Consent given by the patient for photo and some info about his medical condition. (In photo, Mr RV and Dr. Molano, Lead Physician at TLC during a treatment session)


Mr RV, 46 years old is from the south of the Philippines, and came all to the way to Manila to find treatments that will address his condition.  He has heard of chelation therapy from colleagues, accompanied by his wife, and with a number and address of a chelation clinic, he brought all his hopes with him for health and healing.  He made a first consult  at a different clinic but he did not start therapy right way. Needing more information, he came to TLC and asked more questions. His first treatment was in March 1, 2018.

Diagnosed in 2016 on ECG with ischemia, and without any symptoms, incidentally noted when he came with his wife for consultation, he was asked to undergo 2D Echocardiography and Coronary Angiogram, which revealed Severe 3 Vessel Disease, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).  This means he has 3 major heart vessels (arteries) that are blocked.  The condition being chronic, it has already affected the heart muscles, leading to Ischemic Cardiomyopathy.  Patient is up and about, able to do activities of daily living, able to fulfill work related responsibilities, and except for minimal shortness of breath on exertion, is otherwise (and he believed so too) okay. But based on objective and diagnostic findings, patient was advised to undergo immediate Coronary Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG).

To be more detailed, patient’s 2D echo in November 2017 showed an Ejection Fraction (EF) of 39%. , eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy, multisegmental wall motion abnormalities and severely depressed overall resting systolic function and impaired relaxation, moderately dilated left atrium, moderate aortic and mitral regurgitation,  and moderate pulmonary hypertension. (Highlighting some aspects of the results to note changes in follow up study).

Mr RV was advised Intensive IV EDTA Chelation Therapy of 30-40 sessions, 3x a week but since he is pressed for time and his kidney function is normal, he was allowed to undergo daily therapy sessions with close monitoring of his creatinine levels and fluid status.  A delightful patient at the clinic, he has a very healthy and positive disposition, well disciplined and conscious with regard to his diet and lifestyle,  patient was predicted to have very good chances for a successful therapy course.

After 15 sessions, he underwent another 2D echo at a third party center and the results are just in.  Patient is happy, so are we.

His recent 2D Echo with Doppler, dated March 19, 2018, showed the following:

Improved EF from 39% to 49%; Improved left atrium size from moderately dilated to Normal; mitral regurgitation has improved from moderate to mild, aortic regurgitation from moderate to normal function and pulmonary pressure has normalized.

Midway into his Intensive Therapy regimen, patient is aware that the eventual overall success of his treatment would also greatly depend on his continued health maintenance, good diet and lifestyle changes.  Further studies including Treadmill Stress Test and follow up Coronary Angiogram (if patient is amenable) will be requested to monitor progress. Maintenance of therapy is also important, and would require 6-12 sessions per year. This is also essential in the continuity of care and follow up of other health issues.

Mr RV’s case is actually a typical case of a patient that comes in for chelation. But each person is different in many different aspects and these are addressed from patient to patient. Mr RV’s wish is to bring forth his own message of hope to other patients as well.

Thank you Sir for your trust and may we have many more years together as your partner in longevity and health.

Notes by: Dr. Glorybelle Molano of  The Longevity Center




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