Oxygen Healing Therapies

Patients receiving IV Hydrogen Peroxide or Oxidative Therapy would report an immediate effect with an infusion including increased alertness, improved energy and sense of well being. “Gumanda ang pakiramdam ko,” is a usual feedback, especially if the patient came in with a flu, usually with a lethargic feeling.

Improved oxygenation in this case is the key.  There is an immediate release of oxygen into the bloodstream with this therapy.  It takes less than a second, to be exact one-tenth of a second and the blood becomes supersaturated with oxygen.  This is called HYPEROXIA. With improved oxygenation, the body is able to repair itself, and heal faster.

A good read on this therapy was written by William Campbell Douglas, MD entitled HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: Medical Miracle (1996).  Dr. W Douglas is a pioneer and authority in the field of Integrative Medicine. oxidative



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