Bad, Bad Cells

Nice colors? Not. And bad. These are breast cancer cells. Bad cancer cells.

Studies have shown that at plasma concentrations of above 1000 umol/L, Vitamin C is Bad C Cellstoxic to some cancer cells but not to normal cells in vivo. Intravenous Vitamin C given at higher doses of 50-100 grams may produce plasma concentrations of 14000 umol/L. Way toxic for these bad cells! But caution should be exercised and proper consultation should be done. At best, high dose Vitamin C should be utilized as a complementary and adjuvant therapy to chemo and other treatments.

Excerpts from the journal article: Intravenous Vitamin C as cancer therapy: 3 cases by Padayatty S et al, Journal of Canadian Medical Association March 2008. Call or visit us for more info on this Integrative Medicine Therapy. (632)9492582/09258411088.


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