How Cancer Spreads

Cancer cells may be lurking in our bodies, and just waiting for the perfect set of conditions (poor immune function, poor oxygenation, poor nutrition, multiple co-morbidities) to manifest itself. CellsAccording to the American Cancer Society, every person has a 41% probability to either develop or die from cancer. Oh no! One basic fact to consider about defeating cancer: Healthy cells thrive in oxygen rich environments and abnormal cells flourish in oxygen depleted environments.

Therapies involving oxygenators are simple but powerful first steps in combatting this illness. Oxygenation is the increase and utilization of oxygen at the cellular level. Under Bio_oxidative Medicine, various therapies are available to not only provide increased oxygenation but also powerful oxidizers of unwanted bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause illness. Ask us about our therapies.


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