Doctor’s Corner: The Big C and Hope

“Parang ayaw ko na talaga.” With a resigned voice, the patient I saw today tells of her ongoing chemo treatment. The lamentation about the side effects of chemotherapy is well known and almost universal to those who have gone tnrough it. We can only encouradextrosege them to move forward and be enduring, and offer what we can as an adjunct to their conventional therapies.

Intravenous vitamin c as cancer therapy was discussed in 3 cases in an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal March 28 2008 issue. IV Vitamin C at higher doses is toxic to cancer cells and not to normal cells in vitro, at plasma concentrations above 1000 umol/L. Complementary therapy with Vitamin C have also improved dramatically the length of survival of the investigated cases.

The goal for this patient at the moment is improved quality of life as she struggles with the chemo effects and side effects. And complete remission in the long run as she faces this battle the second time around. But most definitely, longer survival time, for her to see her children grow, and give her grandbabies.

– Dr. Molano, TLC


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