Health Watch: Heavy Metal Toxicity in Our Daily Lives

Are there days when you feel heavy and haggard? Like you just do not have energy anymore? How did you feel after surviving this week’s latest carmageddon?12004701_1000704103324557_8142747554669350653_n

Did you know that heavy metal toxicity in the body can manifest in different ways? Brain fog, irritability, and depression can be symptoms of poisoning. Recurring infections, neurological disorders, heart arrythmias, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and sensitivity to EMFs can also be attributed to increased load of toxic heavy metals in the system. And we acquire these toxic substances into our bodies without being aware of it most of the time. It may be present in contaminated food, industrial and medical wastes, beauty products as well as environmental pollutants, heavy metals are major part of daily life and wreck havoc on our minds and well being. Despite the fact that there are a dozen of heavy metals which can cause health issues, arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury and aluminum are the most common. Call or visit us to learn ways to detoxify and get the body rid of these poisons.

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